Working Temperature Of Large Dryer Boiler

Working Temperature Of Large Dryer Boiler

Gas hot water working temperature of large dryer boiler may be provided in different modes according to the actual needs of the user, such as low temperature mode, the high temperature mode and the like.

Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province will continue to promote Blue Sky Battle Action Plan to increase emissions control work, it intends to phase out coal-fired working temperature of large dryer boilers 1201 Taiwan, in accordance with national and provincial requirements, with the distribution area are classified Shi policy. Wherein the phase-out Zone has 9 to 42 tons of steam coal-fired heating boilers 10-35; 18 out of 35 tons of steam table (or a 29 MW) "peaking" heating boiler; built-up area outside the urban area out 10 tons of steam coal 1141 boiler units. Founded out of municipal coal-fired boilers special rectification work to promote the group, environment, housing construction, Industry and Information Department, respectively, to take charge of commercial, heating, industrial three "theater" phase-out of coal-fired boilers. District, county (city) government as the responsible body, one by one out of the implementation of the responsibility to determine the transformation of the way, to promote the phase-out. Gas companies, power companies and projects ahead of docking units, to protect gas, electricity supply and project construction. Planning, construction, urban management, public security and traffic control and other departments to provide maximum support and protection for countersigned examination and approval. Not included in the scope of elimination with 65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, Harbin through online monitoring, supervision and monitoring, enterprise self-monitoring and "double random a public" supervision and inspection and other means to strengthen supervision, and urge enterprises to strictly enforce existing emission standards for excessive emissions will be punished according to law.

In combination with the natural gas working temperature of large dryer boilers proportional control valve and the premix fan, not only to ensure excellent air ratio of gas, also automatically adjust the boiler output to meet the dynamic heat load, the heat output curve dynamic heat boiler demand curve as close as possible, without generating invalid outputs, heat exchange efficiency can reach 108%, the real energy saving.

Electric working temperature of large dryer boiler heat storage system based on heat boiler, water as heat medium, using TOU difference, at low power, to open the electric boiler water heating tank, insulation, storage; and when the power supply peak power level, turn off power boilers, hot water heating with heat storage tank. It has the following superior performance. 1, a high degree of automation, the heating water temperature can be adjusted according to the outdoor temperature changes, for reasonable, saving energy consumption. 2, safe and reliable operation, over-temperature, over-voltage, over current, short circuit, without water, lack of equal protection and many automatic functions, mechanical and electrical integration. 3, no noise, no pollution, small footprint (small bulk volume, compact equipment arrangement, without chimney stack and the fuel, a boiler room can be built in the ground). 4, high thermal efficiency, low operating costs, can take advantage of low power. 5, easy to operate, low labor intensity of staff on duty, saving labor costs.

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Working Temperature Of Large Dryer Boiler

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