Product Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler 200Kw Heating

Product Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler 200Kw Heating

Different types of uniform standards and product fired hot water boiler 200kw heating computer controller advantages: this kind of boiler for hot water boiler, which is related to the product website, such as gas, oil and oil hot water boilers, therefore, is the need for this A boiler , a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, so, in order not to miss any of its aspects, and at the same time, this kind of boiler depth. So, based on this, then, we will continue to study and work hot water boilers, to let everyone achieve the above purpose as soon as possible. 1. The initial use of the hot water boiler, stove to cook their purpose, what is? And the boiler in use, why should control the furnace PH value of water? Initial use of the hot water boiler, furnace cooking object thereof is to remove rust boiler, oil, and a protective film of a metal surface to allow the hot water boiler to work properly. The process of using the boiler, furnace control the PH value of water, mainly to allow the boiler water PH value is maintained within an appropriate range, between 10-12, so, to avoid unnecessary problems.

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Check gas boiler before the preparation of cease-fire and that the flue slow cooling drum; open all manholes and hand holes in the header of the boiler body; let go of the gas within the boiler drum and water; the boiler combustion chamber, drum , flue ducts thorough cleaning; steam pipeline cleaning and removing rust and scale water; repair or replace a manhole cover; ready safelight, flashlights, test rods, tools and the like. Burner gas is an important part of the boiler, the main control system and combustion system components, the problem lies in easy control cabinet, 1. However, the normal ignition off this failure phenomenon typical cause of several tens of seconds after the self-ignition of the burner flame sensor dirty parts. The flame sensor is a photoresistor when irradiated with light of its own resistance decreases resistance value increases as a state of high impedance low impedance state when the light irradiation. Burner flame sensor controller in accordance with a resistance value to determine whether the process is continued if the combustion stop combustion flame sensor high impedance supply is immediately stopped to prevent the unburned diesel fuel reservoir. Flame sensor probe positioned within the burner duct, since the black smoke, tempering, blowing dust and other reasons that the surface thus losing readily soiling the photosensitive functionality. Check sensor probe, its surface is cleaned with a detergent or alcohol, if necessary. 2. Ignition normal exhaust smoke color but not normal diesel fuel injected into the burner is burning the mixture under stirring, when the appropriate amount of blowing water vapor and CO2 exhaust gas atomization are colorless. When there is insufficient air supply can cause incomplete combustion of diesel soot to form CO and thus give rise to the phenomenon of black smoke exhaust. However, if a strong wind inlet excessive combustion of oil mist may be blown off too late will form white smoke is discharged. Common causes of black smoke exhaust of combustion into the throttle opening is too small, white smoke into the throttle opening is reason to see through the large, two cases should be re-adjusted into the throttle. Exhaust smoke color can be observed while the side damper opening degree until near colorless in exhaust smoke color adjustment. Another reason is that black smoke exhaust poor atomization of diesel, oil mist contained in the larger droplets, can not be sufficiently mixed with the air due to a local incomplete combustion produce soot.

Oil-fired boiler fuel boiler fire safety regulations and environmental protection is certainly more convenient than traditional boiler, the oil but because of the special nature of their fire protection system is indispensable, its fire are: 1, tank farms, offloading pipes should have a reliable anti-static safety ground, and tested periodically grounding resistance value (less than 0.5 ohms). 2, prohibits storage of flammable oil region, inflammable and other temporary buildings should be promptly removed. 3, prohibit or stop operation standby state of an oil pipeline welding work. When the welding work must be carried out in oil pipes, oil pipes oil system before welding, the welding operation will need to be running or stopped off standby state (e.g. oil pipe welding or detached house blocking plate), and then the oil segment flush pipe, to ensure that no internal oil and gas, oil and gas welding operation in order to prevent knocking. 4, the internal oil zone fire operations, must apply for work ticket flare, and should have reliable safety measures 5, to strictly enforce the oil zone management systems. 6, foam fire extinguishing systems and equipment, oil fired boiler systems must be checked periodically tested as required. 7, hose fuel system should be checked regularly replaced. Since the hose to prevent fuel leakage caused by aging. 8, when the inspection of oil leakage found when the insulation material, should eliminate leakage point, and replace the insulation material. 9, note that the monitoring oil tank, when the oil temperature exceeds 50 ℃ when shower water into the tank. Fire Code is more than oil-fired boiler, and I hope we strictly observed for their own safety.

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Product Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler 200Kw Heating

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