Low Pressure 4Th Steam Boiler Services

Low Pressure 4Th Steam Boiler Services

There are reasons for which reason the boiler fouling boiler fouling, first calcium and magnesium contained in the water hardness or to the iron, the silicon content is too high;? The same time, since the high temperature high pressure boiler special conditions. The main scale formation process is: 1 pyrolyzed at high temperature and pressure, some of the original water-soluble calcium, magnesium salts (e.g., bicarbonate) thermal decomposition, a precipitate became soluble substance. 2. The solubility decreases at high temperature and pressure, some salts (such as calcium sulfate, silicate, etc.) the solubility of the substance is greatly reduced with increasing temperature, up to a certain extent, will a precipitate. 3. pot of water evaporation, is concentrated under heat and pressure, the concentration of the salt in water with the substance and concentrated by evaporation pot and increasing, when reached saturation, precipitate separates out heating surface. 4. Conversion to react with each other and the original larger solubility in water, salts and other salts react with each other in operation, the generated precipitate insoluble material. If the reaction occurs at the heated surface, is formed directly on the scale; if the reaction occurs in water to the pot, slag is formed. Some of the water is a viscous residue, and when the sewage is not timely removed, will be converted into scales. Additionally, some corrosion products adhered to the heating surface, are often easily transformed into a metal oxide scale. These substances precipitate bond boiler heating surface to form a scale, the higher temperature portion, the more easy to form a hard scale.

Boiler plant equipment as three major important energy conversion device, fuel chemical energy into heat energy, and the pot was heated using thermal energy to become hot water having a sufficient quantity and a mass (steam temperature, steam pressure) steam turbine for use. The Anyang City, the power company to my company to buy a split 2 tons of steam condensing gas low pressure 4th steam boiler services for supplying electricity demand. The WNS series split condensing boilers using advanced technology designed to greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, up to about 96%.

Food processing plants in the selection of the low pressure 4th steam boiler services, should pay attention to what point?

The food industry is the health of the people, protect the safety of important national industry, government regulation of the food industry has never let up. More than the face of food safety problems that occur all over the country, the food industry is facing a severe test. As the food processing steam distillation, extraction, sterilizing, drying, curing and other processes indispensable part, taking into account the steam directly or indirectly in contact with the food, the food industry requires steam quality is very high, the generation of steam select the device on the boiler, to be strict to control.

In addition to steam, hot water should be used for heating, ventilation and hot water supply. Its main advantages are: 1) Hot water heating can save a lot of fuel (compared to steam), about 20% 40%. Because it has no condensation water and secondary evaporation loss. Secondly, the heat loss of hot water heating pipe is small. Steam leakage loss of steam heating pipe is large. Steam boilers require continuous and periodic discharge, while hot water boilers require only a small amount of periodic discharge. Finally, hot water heating can adjust the quality of hot water flexibly according to the change of outdoor ambient temperature, which can not only save fuel but also ensure the quality of heating.

2) the maintenance cost of hot water heating system is lower than that of steam heating system. It has been proved that the maintenance cost of hot water heating system is only 1 / 3 of steam heating system, and the maintenance personnel can be reduced by half accordingly.

3) Hot water heating has a large thermal radius, which can reach tens of kilometers, while steam heating is limited by the loss of pipe resistance, which is usually only 2 ~ 3 kilometers.

4) High temperature water heating is suitable for the development of regional heating industry. The use of regional central heating can not only save a lot of fuel, but also reduce the pollution of the boiler to the atmospheric environment.

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Low Pressure 4Th Steam Boiler Services

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