High Pressure Saving Energy Boiler

High Pressure Saving Energy Boiler

Comparison of power and gas hot water high pressure saving energy boiler of factors: the gas hot water boiler, which should be for a gas boiler, but also the more common and commonly used, and its Web site is one of the product, so, it is necessary to know and understand, so in front of this work has already begun, and below, will continue, then, to deepen people's familiarity with this a boiler. 1. Gas hot water boiler gas boiler, whether with other types of gas-fired boilers, is not the same? In a gas boiler, particularly species thereof, except that a gas hot water boiler, there are a number of others. And, between each of its kind, there is a certain difference, it is impossible to exactly the same. So, on this issue, it is clear that the answer is yes.

In order to further standardize Xuzhou City, air pollution control construction and operation management, protecting and improving the quality of the environment, prevent environmental pollution, introduced the "Xuzhou City in 2019 the thermal power industry, air pollution control basic norms." For the raw fuel storage, handling, transportation, storage byproducts, transport, collecting and centralizing the flue gas treatment systems and other aspects of the essence of the specific requirements.

First, all coal-fired units desulfurization facilities required to install, in addition to coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler units to be installed denitration facilities, coal and biomass fuel units to be equipped with efficient dust removal facilities. Desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal device processing capabilities must meet the production needs, we must be able to maintain long-term stable operation, must be professional manufacturers design, produce qualified products. Exhaust pipe shall be provided with permanent sampling ports and in accordance with national and regulatory requirements related to the construction of Jiangsu Province.

Second, the boiler produces air pollutants must be in accordance with national standards and requirements related to Jiangsu Province, construction of flue gas collection systems and centralized purification facilities, flaring has been the implementation of "coal to gas," "dry FGD" and included in discontinued closure plan outside the coal boiler, and the rest are required to install the cooling and dehumidification systems, and to ensure proper operation.

Fuel gas high pressure saving energy boiler thermal control basic requirements: 1. The main characteristics of the fuel gas boiler main difference between the fuel gas boiler burning coal-fired boiler is to layer different combustion systems, mainly in the nature of the fuel and combustion different ways. Fuel gas boiler combustion system has the following two characteristics: 1) If not properly controlled combustion process, the furnace can form a large number of combustible gas mixture, when mixed gas deflagration, the furnace may cause an explosion, causing heavy casualties and property losses. 2 combustion) of fuel gas boiler combustion space, the combustion speed, load responsive. 2. controlled boiler fuel gas and fuel gas requirements of the boiler combustion system adapted to, the following basic requirements for the fuel gas boiler automatic control system: (1) reliable system configured to prevent fuel gas boiler explosion, the design of the fuel gas boiler when automatic control system must be designed to give priority to the reliability of a system, the detection system may employ protective control system provided separately, if necessary. In the selection of microcomputer control system, it is necessary to adopt a dual configuration instructions manual and the necessary back-up of important parameters such as measures to improve the reliability of the control and protection systems.

How to choose how to choose the gas high pressure saving energy boiler gas boiler 1, the heating and hot water are recommended to use different devices: a heating station selection 28KW warm bath dual gas boiler (including 7,000 or installation) for heating, while providing 1; ; hot nozzle 2; 2 selection hot water heater 80 liters (including installation around $ 4,000). 2, the choice of two boiler 24KW (including installation of 6,000 yuan / Taiwan), plus a 1 ;; mounted hot water tank 1.5 tons (1,500 dollars). To meet the heating and hot water needs. Note: The above two options are more economical, the device relatively easy to install, without taking up a large space, if the choice of a hot water boiler, then, in addition requires a specially designed boiler room, but also with a need to pump, the hot water tank and other equipment, In addition to higher costs, management and maintenance are more inconvenient.

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High Pressure Saving Energy Boiler

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