5 Ton Electric Hot Water Boiler Seller

5 Ton Electric Hot Water Boiler Seller

Electric 5 ton electric hot water boiler seller electric boiler cleaning method is mainly used in place of a large area of ​​guesthouses, hotels, colleges, factories, etc., in the course of its work, a long time after the surface or the interior will scale phenomenon, this phenomenon greatly affect the equipment, the following it'll tell you about cleaning method: 1, acid cleaning method: ① this pickling solution can not only clean up the boiler scale (except when nitrates scale, add hydrofluoric acid), and very little corrosion gas hot water boiler. ② descaling pickling process using hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, most of the cleaning. Pickling solution by adding nitric acid or hydrochloric acid was added inhibitor of the corrosion inhibitor composition. 2, the mechanical descaling method: when the electric furnace with a loose boiler scale and slag, so that the cast iron hot water boiler shutdown cooling, boiler water let go of, after washing with water, can be used flat shovel, wire brushes, and a motor milling descaling header. 3, alkali cooking cleaning law: ① alkali cooking method is simple, relatively small side effects. ② alkali cooking method of cleaning descaling, pickling cleaning effect than the difference method, but since a base boiled loose scale, so it is difficult for, may be a cooking method I with a base with hydrochloric acid cleaned scale before acid pickling deal with. Scale electric boiler efficiency is an important factor in the life and influence, in order to ensure it is safe to run the economy, the need for a reasonable scale clean-up work, so essential to get rid of scale, reduce equipment failure and reduce damage.

Note the fuel gas-fired 5 ton electric hot water boiler seller fuel gas pressure when the talk about fire boiler shutdown in accordance with the fuel (electricity, oil, gas) can be divided into electric steam boiler, steam boiler fuel, gas steam boiler three kinds; in accordance with the constitution can be divided into vertical steam boilers, horizontal steam boiler, steam boiler, mostly small and medium sized single, double the return of the vertical structure, large steam boilers and more horizontal structure of three return. The following is a pressure Cautions fire boiler 1 shutdown, shutdown pressure fire more than 6h, main steam valve should be closed after the pressure of the fire over time, open trap superheater outlet header of the superheater to cool. After closing the main steam valve, such as pressure goes up, and can be used at the same time into the sewage Boiler Feed down method. When the recovery boiler operation, subject to step-up and step 2 protection, thermal shutdown during the press pot still steam pressure, it must still pay attention to monitoring, and to allow the boiler to maintain the water level 3, with a cast iron gas boiler province, in after stopping the boiler feed water, the shutter should be closed save flue gas, furnace bypass channel open flap or in the circulation pipe, stopping the gas temperature exceeds a predetermined value within the province 4, the pressure during the shutdown should be appropriate fire sewage, furnace exclude precipitation Care was taken after pressure fire shutdown should not immediately stop the operation of the circulating pump, the network should continue circulating water circulating in the system for some time, when the boiler outlet water temperature dropped to 50oC with the following, in order to stop the operation of the circulating pump

Siting and construction in gas 5 ton electric hot water boiler seller room of many users think that as long as gas boilers selected for their own business needs everything will be fine, it is not true, to build a suitable boiler boiler room is also very important, which is related to the initial investment, system design , operation and management as well as security and other issues. Currently more popular for use in gas-fired boiler, we'll talk about how to design its boiler room, but also pay attention to what the problem. 1, boiler room of a comprehensive site selection to the type of gas, boiler capacity, operating pressure, supply and return water temperature, the system in the form of building types and other factors to consider. "Architectural design code for fire protection" (GB50016-2006) "fire protection design of tall buildings" (GB50045-95) (2005 "Hot Water Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (Labor pan word [1997] No. 7) Comprehensive OK. If the boiler when there is room to install local standards, local standards, it should also take into account the best gas boiler room set in separate buildings on the ground; and if subject to conditions, needs connected with the main building or set in the basement of the main building, semi-basement, first floor, when the top and middle floor, needs the approval of the local fire, safety supervision and environmental protection departments, after passing the order to begin construction. gas boiler room is strictly prohibited directly located in the crowded gathering space (such as public bathrooms, classrooms, audience when the hall, shops, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.), we can not build near the main evacuation port. new boiler room and the house should not be connected with other buildings adjacent to the boiler room, which is adjacent to the wall as a firewall. boiler room floor should smooth step-free, and water should be prevented. as provided in the boiler room basement layers or semi-high-rise building or a first layer, while it must meet the following conditions : Rated evaporation each boiler does not exceed 10t / h, rated vapor pressure does not exceed 1.6MPa Each boiler must have a reliable overpressure protection device interlock and bottom water level interlock protection device between the boiler building structure should be. corresponding seismic measures. fireman independent operations must hold the appropriate level of operating permits fireman and continuous operation of the same class boiler more than five years, had the accident not occurred. .7 evacuation routes must be safe, because the condition is limited, the boiler needs to be set in the basement, middle or top-floor high-rise buildings or multi-layer, prior consent of the city, prefecture-level and above safety watchdog agreed in addition to meeting the above requirements, it must also meet: rated evaporation each boiler is not more than 4t / h, rated vapor pressure does not exceed 1.6MPa. must be oil, gas as a fuel or electric heating boiler. the fuel supply line connected to the use of welding backing. the above is fast boiler for your summary gas boiler room location and building, for your reference and understanding. in general, the need to build a boiler room boiler manufacturers and boiler installation company with, and by the need to After the approval of the relevant departments had to formally started, mainly taking into account the special nature and risk of the gas boiler.

Recently, in Hebei (Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Handan, Xingtai, Baoding, Cangzhou, Langfang, Hengshui, Taiyuan), Shanxi (Yangquan, Changzhi, Jincheng), Shandong (Jinan, Zibo, Jining, Texas, Liaocheng, Binzhou, Heze ), Henan Province (Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Puyang) and other municipal people's government, security male New District management Committee, Dingzhou, Xinji, Jiyuan City people's government and the China National petroleum Group Co., Ltd., China petroleum and Chemical Group Corporation, China national Offshore oil Group Co., Ltd., State grid Co., Ltd., China Railway jointly issued on the issuance - notice "2018 in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas in 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" of.

The following are the provisions on the rectification of energy.

Setting goals: adhere to the principle of maintaining stability in the consolidation of ambient air quality improvement achievements, promote air quality continues to improve. Fully completed to improve air quality objectives 2018; Oct. 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019, (of PM2.5) Jingjinji average concentration of fine particles and the surrounding area fell about 3%, and more severe pollution days year reduced by about 3%. The main embodiment of the above-mentioned range is "26 + 2" city.

Execution method: to promote clean heating, iron revolution, transformation of provincial enterprises mentioned standard, focusing on the consolidation of comprehensive "scattered pollution" enterprise rectification results, pay close attention to diesel trains, industrial furnaces and volatile organic compounds (VOSc) special rectification, strengthening regional joint prevention and control, to effectively deal with heavy pollution weather, strict supervision and accountability, to further promote the comprehensive management of air pollution in autumn and winter tackling behavior.

First, strictly control the "two high" industry capacity. Before the end of December 2018 to complete the delineation of ecological protection red line. At the same time, increase the iron and steel, coking, building materials industry production capacity out and Yajian efforts to be included in the capacity of iron and steel enterprises, supporting the need to also sign sintering, coke oven, blast furnace and other equipment. 2018, steel production in Hebei Yajian can withdraw 10 million tons, 2.25 million tons in Shanxi Yajian quit, Shandong Province Yajian raised 3.55 million tons. Ensuring electricity, heat stable supply basis, 38 out of the task a total of 2.77 million kilowatts of coal-fired units of small thermal power units in the region.

Second, to deepen industrial pollution control. Since October 2018 1 May, the strict implementation of thermal power, steel, petrochemical, nonferrous metals (excluding aluminum), cement industry, industrial boilers and air pollutant emission limits in particular, to promote pollution control facilities upgrading in key industries. Continue to promote the industrial enterprises fugitive emissions control, under the conditions of safe production license, the implementation of closed storage, custody transfer, collection system, the end of December 2018 basically completed.

Third, effectively promote clean heating. The pooling of resources and vigorously promote the coal for governance, the country should be in accordance with the pre-heating period in 2020 basically completed the life and motivations of heating coal for alternative tasks required plains, to develop a three-year implementation program to determine the annual task of governance, both agricultural greenhouses, animal building, etc. bulk coal governance, promote energy-saving buildings synchronization, improve energy efficiency.

According to the country report, before the end of October 2018, "26 + 2" cities to complete the bulk coal substitution 3.62 million. Among them, Beijing replace 150,000, Plains basically bulk coal "cleared"; Tianjin replace 190,000, and strive to the end of October 2019, the basic completion of coal for alternative work; Hebei replace 1.74 million, and strive to 2019 basically completed before the end of October to the south of Beijing, bulk coal substitute work north of Shijiazhuang City; Shanxi replace 280 000, 450 000, Shandong Province, alternative, Henan replace 810,000. Around the township or county as a unit overall progress, complete replacement of bulk coal regions, and adopt comprehensive measures to prevent bulk coal burning complex.

Fourth, to carry out comprehensive improvement of the boiler. According to the law to increase the small coal-fired boilers in accordance with regulations (including tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities) elimination efforts.

Before the end of December 2018, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei (city) basically eliminated 35 tons of steam per hour coal-fired boilers; Shanxi, Shandong, Henan eliminated 10 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boilers, urban area basically eliminated 35 tons of steam per hour at coal-fired boilers.

Before the end of October 2018, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Hebei (city) basically completed 65 tons of steam per hour and above ultra-low emission coal-fired boilers transformation, to achieve ultra-low-emission coal-fired power plant level. Biomass boilers should be dedicated boiler, coal and other prohibited blended with other fuels, efficient dust bags and other ancillary facilities. Actively promote the urban area of ​​biomass boilers ultra-low emissions transformation.

Accelerate the transformation of low nitrogen gas-fired boilers, in principle, after the transformation of Danyang outdoor emission concentration is not higher than 50 mg / cubic meter, before the end of October 2018, Beijing basically completed the task of transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler; Tianjin complete the transformation of 222 units, 5908 tons of steam; Hebei Province, completed 353 units, 8028 tons of steam; Shanxi Province, completed 17 sets of 100 tons of steam; Shandong Province, completed 182 units, 409 tons of steam; Henan Province, and strive to complete 278 units, 1450 tons of steam.

Fifth, speed up clean energy alternatives. Of coal, petroleum coke, residual oil, heavy oil as the fuel of a heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, a drying furnace (kiln), and accelerate the use of clean energy and the use of plant waste heat, thermal power plants and the like instead.

Before the end of December 2018, the basic ban coal-fired stove, the iron and steel industry, coal-fired heating boilers; nonferrous metals industry basically out of coal-fired kilns, coal-fired reverberatory furnace, lead melting pots and pans electrical lead with coal as a fuel; basically eliminated coal-fired cogeneration heating the heating pipe network coverage, drying furnace (kiln); blast furnace gas, coke oven gas desulfurization transformation embodiment, the gas hydrogen sulfide concentration of less than 20 mg / m; diameter vigorously eliminate hearth 3 meters fuels gas furnace; industrial park focused on the use of gas stoves, they will not have to switch to natural conditions, should build a unified clean coal gas central principle. Prohibition blended sulfur petroleum coke.

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5 Ton Electric Hot Water Boiler Seller

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